Camille Studebaker


Ironwoman: University student takes on the Ironman World Championship

She began by lining up in the Pacific Ocean 10 minutes before the start. Packed so tight next to her competitors, she could hardly move as they treaded water. Doubt filled Jessica Lambert’s mind as she got ready participate in the 140.6-mile Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. First, the professionals ...

Geocaching challenge to increase geography awareness

Club Geography's will host a Geocaching Challenge in which students have 36 hours to find the most geocaches on campus.  Winning teams will receive the following prizes: First place - $250, second place - $175, third place - $100, and social media - $50.  

University forms committee to find new VP of Research

 â€œ[The position is] important  for UA because it’s a research university, so whatever level you’re on - faculty, graduate student or undergrad - there still needs to be opportunities to advance in each position, and I think that this position, the VP of Research, is very important in ...

University to build modified housing arrangement, increase socializing

At the University, there are two different types of dorms, the “traditional” style and the “suite-style.” Amanda Ingram, director of housing administration, said traditional halls automatically provide more social opportunity and interaction overwhelmingly due to sharing immediate space with ...

Student-athlete Halloween party welcomes Tuscaloosa community

At Halloween Extravaganza, an annual event hosted by the University's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, children ages 13 and under enjoyed a night full of eating candy, bouncing in bounce houses with slides, playing games, and taking photos with student-athletes and Big Al. 

Students will play their hand at Casino Night

Game winners will get to take home the game that they won in addition to their choice of a giveaway prize. It will give the experience of a casino, but it will not use real money or gambling.  

OLLI offers classes, socializing, travel to retirees

Retiree Philip Malone joined Osher LifeLong Learning Institute (OLLI) on the advice of his wife, but stayed because of a desire to learn.  “You walk in, you learn stuff, and you walk away with more knowledge than you walked in with, and it’s just a great experience from that standpoint,” ...

Beat Auburn Beat Hunger implementing new fundraising techniques

In the six weeks before The University of Alabama and Auburn University compete on the football field, members of each university's community compete in the canned food aisle.  Beat Auburn Beat Hunger (BABH) is a student-run food-drive competition against Auburn that strives to bring together students, ...

Career center provides rental professional clothing to students

Just last week, a student did not have the professional attire needed for an interview on campus, so he stopped by the Crimson Career Closet located in the Career Center. The attendees gave him a complete suit to rent for free, and when he returned to drop the items off, he told the Career Center staff ...