Cameron Johnson

Why March Madness is the greatest event in sports

One of the more spirited debates around the country that has lasted for decades has been the debate over which event in sports is the best. NBA fans declare their love for the Finals, NFL fans fight passionately for the Super Bowl, and MLB fans vouch for the World Series.

Why people don’t go out to see Oscar-nominated films anymore

During his opening monologue of Sunday night’s Academy Awards ceremony, host Jimmy Kimmel, after receiving merely a few chuckles toward a joke he had made about the Oscar nominated movie Moonlight, disappointingly asked the audience, “You didn’t see it, did you?”

Was 2016 the beginning of the end for movies?

Last August, when asked to reflect on the quality of movies in 2016, a disgruntled Boston Globe film critic by the name of Ty Burr told, “Someday we may look at 2016 as the year that movies died.”