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Get angry while at UA

Truthfully, I have been thinking on and off about what to write for this column for two years – ever since I first came to work at The Crimson White – and I had no idea what to write for much of that time.

Same-sex marriage uncertain

Throughout Alabama early Monday morning, same-sex couples lined up outside courthouses across the state. They all had one thing in mind: receiving marriage licenses.

Transgender group long overdue at UA

There are more than 250 student organizations at The University of Alabama. There are more than 250 ways to get involved if you’re creative, if you’re athletic, if you just want to get to know other UA students.

Society's intense obsession with Jennifer Lawrence has gone far enough

Sunday night began the most wonderful time of year for me – awards season. The Golden Globes kicked off my favorite couple of months, and it delivered almost everything I love to see at an awards show: my favorite celebrities, great dresses, awards given to those who deserve it (Amy Poehler, anybody?). ...

'Feminism' should not be a dirty word

Warning: This article contains offensive language. Not swear words or descriptions of explicit content – the word ‘feminism.’ It isn’t one of the traditional dirty words, but apparently, to a lot of people this is the other F-word, and I don’t understand it one bit. Last week in one of my ...