Bennett Stansell


Senate holds first official meeting of the semester

The first official SGA senate meeting of the semester started off with a bang on Thursday when SGA President Jared Hunter made a statement announcing the sanctions that were levied by the Office of Student Conduct over the summer.  

Rolling the tide back from Louisiana’s coast

In an effort to increase political will and attract national attention to perhaps one of the most urgent environmental issues in U.S. history, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency due to the state’s rapidly dissipating coastline last week.

SGA plans to create Counseling Center fund

Recognizing the growing need for increased mental health awareness and resources on campus, SGA President Jared Hunter has united with several Greek organizations to start preliminary planning on a trust fund that will serve to benefit the University of Alabama Counseling Center.

Graduation imposes costs on students

The price University of Alabama 
students pay in hard work to reach graduation is high, but the monetary price they have to pay in order to actually graduate may be equally steep.

Lt. Col. Allen West delivers speech on global terrorism

Former Republican Congressman and Lt. Col. Allen West stopped at the University of Alabama on Monday night to talk to students and members of the Tuscaloosa about various global and domestic issues concerning the United States, from terrorism to America’s inner-cities.