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Computer camp teaches programming

Beginning July 9 and continuing through Aug. 3, the University of Alabama is offering a series of camps that serve to introduce computer science concepts to middle and high school students.

Professor sounds off on Obamacare

Two weeks ago, the United States Supreme Court voted 5-4 to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which will expand health insurance to millions of currently uninsured Americans.

State and county unemployment rates rise

A new report by the Alabama Department of Industrial Relations shows that, for the first time this year, unemployment both on a state level and in Tuscaloosa County has increased. The seasonally adjusted data, which takes into account different economic phenomena, shows that unemployment for May ...

New study highlights RSA track record

Studies on the Retirement Systems of Alabama, a government agency that uses tax money to fund investment in the state of Alabama, has shown it to have significant beneficial impact over the past twenty years. Keivan Deravi of Auburn University of Montgomery and Samuel Addy of the University of Alabama ...

Crowd gathers on Gallalee roof to view Venus cross the Sun

Venus won’t move across the face of the Sun again for another 105 years, and on June 5, all astronomy professor William Keel wanted was for the typical Alabama late-afternoon cumulus clouds to clear. “All we’ve got to do is be able to see the sun,” Keel said with a laugh.