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Track and Field team looks to improve scores

The University of Alabama’s track and field team will look to improve on last year’s scores as it travels to College Station, Texas, for the SEC Indoor Championships on Thursday. At last year’s championship meet, the men’s team finished seventh and the women’s team finished 10th. With last ...

Athletes can be heroes too

Last week, after the United States men’s hockey team defeated Russia 3-2 in an eight-round shootout, American T.J.

The Olympics are dividing the world

With the 2014 Winter Olympics only a few weeks away, the big question once again presents itself: Why do we still hold the Olympic games? The modern Olympics were created as a way to unite the world and allow different cultures to come together in one city.

Recent rivalries reach intense levels

Rivalry week in college football may be the best and worst week in all of sports. All season, players and fans alike look forward to the week when they finally play “the team down the road,” whether it be an instate rival or a border war between state lines. For the week, rankings and records don’t ...

Offensive names have no place in sports

As a disclaimer, I will start by saying that I am 1/32 Cherokee Indian. It may be the lowest classification used by Native American tribes to determine membership, but it’s still a part of my heritage. But it’s time for American sports teams to step away from associating with Native American terms. It’s ...