Ben Jackson


We should value conservative writers

When both sides are not represented in a forum, the moderates die out. Instead, they retreat to echo chambers at either end of the political spectrum. This leads to harmful, radical politics, the likes of which we are currently experiencing.

Financial illiteracy is an epidemic

If you are reading this, you are probably bad with money. That’s not meant to be an insult, just a statistical observation. In fact, most Americans are bad with money. The median retirement savings for all working US households in only $5,000. Nearly half say they don’t really understand taxes. ...

REBUTTAL: In defense of facts

Facts must inform our ideology, not the other way around. Policymakers should make objective decisions based on data, not sob stories from constituents.

We aren't saving Houston, Houston is saving us

The Houston storm is shaping up to be one of the worst in recent American history. Unprecedented flooding is ravaging coastal communities, leaving thousands homeless and incurring hundreds of billions in damage.

The true cost of legal marijuana

As marijuana becomes legal in more parts of the United States, it may be time to ask ourselves two important questions: why now, and at what cost? The questions come at a time when the national dialogue about weed is fairly tame—legalization appears to be the progressive answer.

What's scarier than Halloween? Student loan debt

This Halloween, I’m dressing up as the scariest thing I can imagine. And no, it’s not Donald Trump—it’s student loan debt. What makes student loan debt so spooky is only partially related to the damage it causes those who carry it.