Bailey Shoenberger


Breaking the Stigma of Sexual Assualt

“Did this really happen to me?” “Why me?” “Did I ask for it?” These have been some of the thoughts that university students who unwillingly became victims of sexual assault struggle to overcome. The University of Alabama’s Women and Gender Resource Center (WRC) is one of UA’s prominent ...

A glimpse into the past

Imagine that the Tuscaloosa Amphitheatre was a lake complete with a dance hall and a merry-go-round, that the bank building downtown was the tallest building in Tuscaloosa, that the only way to get to Northport was to drive across a drawbridge, and that streetcars dominated the roads.

Elliott Society promotes education in community

In the midst of the Great Depression, a young man from rural Alabama with just over two dollars in his pocket slept under a truck. Broke and at rock bottom, he continued to pursue an education at the University of Alabama.