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Professor treks through jungles, finds new plant species

Dr. John L. Clark has experienced many wonders of the world including; trekking through the Ecuador mud, finding new species of plants almost every day, curating the Herbarium, having a plant named after him and spending time in the Peace Corp.

New Fresh Foods offers more options, space

Moving from within the Ferguson Center to a stand-alone location of its own, the new Fresh Food Company is officially up and running.Located in an entirely new building, the new Fresh Foods has redesigned almost everything.

Pulitzer Prize winner to lecture on biodiversity

Sitting in the Tuscaloosa Cultural Arts Center last Thursday, Edward O. Wilson recalled a story about a massive spider. “I was out on a path, and there was a giant tarantula on the path,” Wilson said.

Evolution rapper to return to UA

Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman will visit The University of Alabama on Friday to present his “Rap Guide to Evolution” and to film a documentary. “I do the show because I think evolution is a fact, and not only is it a fact, but also I think it’s a great source of inspiration by understanding ...

Taylor reflects on SGA presidency

Looking back over your year in office, what do you think are your biggest accomplishments? Jimmy Taylor: I think how we worked with so many different student groups and how we got to affect so many different [people]. We were handed a lot of tough external issues, which took up some time and ...

Cosmologist to speak at lecture

Lawrence Krauss is no stranger to the pop culture limelight. He has appeared in television shows and movies, published numerous best-selling books and was quoted by Miley Cyrus on Twitter. “You are all stardust … So forget Jesus.

UA alumnus heads major Atlanta law firm

Three years ago, 150 employees of a company in Atlanta went to the National Labor Relations Board with the intent of having an election to bring in the Teamsters Union, which represents a diverse group of blue-collar and professional workers in the public and private sectors.

Moundville highlights ancient art

The Moundville Archaeological Park and Museum hosted the 14th annual Knap-In in Moundville, Ala., this weekend. The term “Knap-In” comes from the term “flintknapping,” an ancient art used to make tools, weapons, jewelry and art out of stones, obsidian, chert, shells and flint.

TCF department announces scriptwriting contest winners

The telecommunication and film department recently held its annual scriptwriting contest, with the winner earning the opportunity to work with award-winning Hollywood director Tom Cherones and $5,000. Cherones, a University of Alabama graduate known for directing the comedy TV show “Seinfield,” ...