Annie Milbourn


E-cigarette makers must stop false advertising

While I certainly don’t look down on anyone who smokes e-cigarettes, I do look down on and am disappointed with the misleading marketing that these companies have used to lead consumers, some of these consumers being young kids, to false conclusions about the safety of their product. 

We need to shed light on wrongful convictions

Lamonte McIntyre, 41, walked out of a Kansas prison as a free man on Oct. 13 after spending 23 years behind bars. He was only 17 years old when he received two life sentences for the murders of two individuals involved in a drive-by shooting in Kansas City 23 years ago.

College students must stop comparing their accomplishments

It’s imperative that we remember not to measure our self-worth and level of greatness by comparing ourselves to others. We forget how to feel proud of ourselves because maybe that one big achievement of ours wasn’t as big as the next person’s.

Off-campus security must be addressed

While I understand that living off campus means that we are essentially under the control of ourselves and the locks that our landlords provide us, it does not mean we should be forgotten about.

College students are at risk in the opioid epidemic

Prescription pain pills are over-prescribed and easy to misuse; having them in your bathroom now is like having heroin in your medicine cabinet. It’s becoming easier to get high than it is to get help.

PREVIEW: Documenting Social Justice Screening

After 11 years, University of Alabama instructor and independent documentary filmmaker Andy Grace said he does not get tired of teaching this year-long course at The University of Alabama titled “Documenting Justice.”

PREVIEW: Interracial Intimacies Symposium

Interracial intimacies and limitations in various settings such as the classroom, religious spaces, legal systems or domestic spheres, is a topic of the symposium to be hosted at the University this weekend.

Campus organization advocates for abortion access in Alabama

Since the U.S. Supreme Court's deicison in Roe v. Wade, abortion has been amongst the most hot button issues in American politics. The idea of legal access to abortion is abhorrent to some, but others see women's right to chose as something to be celebrated. 

PREVIEW: Best Buddies Friendship Walk

Since 2009, the Best Buddies Friendship Walk has had over 70,000 participants in 46 cities. It is the number one walk in the country to benefit individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.