Annie Hollon


Lakeside closure to inconvenience freshmen

Current students will face one less place on campus to get food with meal swipes. Especially for freshmen, Lakeside is in proximity to most of the on-campus housing and has late-night hours which allow students to meet new people and grab a late-night snack.

BSU celebrates 50 years of supporting students

The Black Student Union is the oldest minority group on campus and celebrates its 50 year anniversary this year. The organization acts a social and institutional resource for students on campus.

CrossingPoint graduate makes his dream come true

Cody Pope and his grandmother, Rosemary Ingram, moved to Tuscaloosa in 2006 in order to attend the Tier 1 program in CrossingPoints, which serves students 18-21 years old. He attended that program from 2006 until his graduation in 2008. 

Free speech of Greek students restricted

When members of Greek organizations become initiated, they join a brotherhood, sisterhood, and a new set of rules. These rules often surround the ways in which members present themselves. Organizations often set precautions to uphold the name the founders and following members spent so long developing, ...

3D printing revolutionizing prosthetics industry

Whether it is a passing stage of development or a loophole for conventional manufacturing with sky-high pricing, this technology is making way for a future in which certain aspects of healthcare are more accessible.