Anna Scott Lovejoy


Students should build resilience

Everyone discovers that getting knocked down is a part of life in some way or another. As a college student, it can feel as if life is practically punting you across a football field at least once or twice a week.

Time and old age

I am an advocate for living by the rather cliché concept that each individual posses the power to conquer anything if they merely apply steady time and pressure to their pursuits.

Internship application season begins

The time of year for applying to summer internships is almost coming to a close. As most of the college students on campus can attest, this frantic season of school plus job or internship applications can be the most stressful part of the semester.

Chivalry is for everyone

This past Friday afternoon, my good friends and I drove on a two lane back road en route to a large hunting camp in central Alabama.

The hard side of my superpower

Something about my personality always felt and seemed slightly more extreme than the personalities of my siblings, peers, and teachers.

Feminism: the skewed stigma

Attending a discussion-based lab at eight in the morning each Friday easily constitutes as one of the most difficult responsibilities in my school week.

The death of grammar

The Sanford Media Center in Gorgas Library practically turned into a campsite for my honors film partner, Ryan Murphy, and I.

Facing the off-campus housing frenzy

Groups of students across The University of Alabama campus face a multitude of stressful situations as midterms draw closer and classes begin to fall into their groove.

Common sense and victim blaming

This week The Crimson White is partnering with SGA's It's On Us campaign to raise awareness of and seek solutions to the issue of sexual assault on campus. This column is the second in this series.

College is the time to learn how to budget

We all come into college with goals, long term goals and short term goals. Whether I am merely trying to get my laundry done and run over to Publix for groceries or I am researching ideal internships for my next two summers as an undergraduate, this time in my life constantly proves to be a relentless ...