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The Most Important Lessons Aren't in Your Textbooks

When I first came to The University of Alabama, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had little understanding of how things work on this campus as a freshman. The idea that everyone could only have a prescribed set of friends from their rung on the social ladder was alien to me.

Spillers win 1st step toward UA solution

When visiting with students from Auburn, OU, George Washington, SMU, Texas A&M, Texas and several other nationally prominent universities at an event in Dallas last week, I was pelted with questions about the Elliot Spillers victory in our SGA presidential election on March 10. They varied from “How ...

A question for the sororities: Why do you vote for the Machine?

SGA elections are a pivotal time for our campus each year. They determine which students among us will serve as the collective face of our student body for the 
ensuing term. It goes without saying that those elected to these positions must accurately and holistically represent our student body – ...

Student government needs to reflect University's diverse population

The basic goal of a democracy is to carry out the will of the people. Through voting, we elect representatives who then meet to write and pass legislation which reflects our collective will. In order for a democracy to carry out this function, it must be representative of the people it serves.

Republican Revolution may have worked, but Republican Revolt Won't

When you pay close attention to politics, there are two people you’ll see Republicans like myself quote frequently: Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. These two former presidents are quoted both because of the significant influence they’ve had on our nation’s history, and because of the examples ...

Ousted UACR board supported by both versions of club's constitution

Many University of Alabama students took note last week when an article entitled “Clash of Conservatives” appeared on the front page of The Crimson White, detailing a controversial election which took place in a College Republicans meeting on November 18th. Maverick Flowers, the organization’s ...

Republican Party not just for old white men, includes diversity

Last week's midterm elections were a collective milestone in the history of the party of Lincoln. In direct contradiction to the notion that the Republican Party is predominantly older, white and male, this election cycle yielded a new crop of Republicans with a highly diverse array of backgrounds, ...

Politicians must stop with personal attacks

To many Americans, and likely many reading this article, “politics” is a dirty word. Many people just don’t have a high opinion of the field or those in it, and they can’t be blamed for it. It seems like every other day we hear media reports about a new scandal, or the latest personal attack ...