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Bridges shows '60s style

From Fort Worth, Texas, Leon Bridges may as well be a living, singing time capsule from the sixties. Initially interested in choreography, this modern-day Sam Cooke only picked up the guitar four years ago after heeding a friend’s advice. Good advice, considering Bridges recent signing with Columbia ...

YouTube starts streaming service

This week marks the unleashing of YouTube’s long-awaited streaming service, Music Key. Spotify and Beats Music both offer a wide-variety of artists, but none in the streaming space can compare to the expansiveness that is YouTube. With more than one billion monthly visitors, YouTube is the world's ...

'The Whistles and The Bells' blends several genres

The Whistles and The Bells is the glorious musical redirection result of Bryan Simpson, former member of bluegrass band Cadillac Sky. His new 2014 effort is based out of Nashville, Tennessee, and when trying to describe the sound of The Whistles and The Bells, at a loss, fans often instead blend artists ...

Birmingham catches on to house concert buzz

In a time when small venues are hard to come by, the ultimate intimate venue has emerged: a house. Although house concerts have been around for quite some time, their popularity has risen greatly in the past few years.

Wisconsin band PHOX focuses on nap-pop

Upon hearing the breathy, crawling voice of Monica Martin of Wisconsin band PHOX, splattered over the whimsical likes of whistles, banjo, clarinet, horn, keys, electric guitar, mandolin and clapping, one can expect to be invigorated yet simultaneously crave a nap.