Amber Phillips


Tips on creating memorable Halloween costume

Face it, college students don’t always plan very far ahead when it comes to social events.  Mass panic hits as a result of all those last minute costume party invitations, be it a date party, church event or just a bunch of friends.  Every Halloween the goal is to look good, save money, ...

Mermaiding: A fishy tail from above the sea

Sushi is great, but who would choose to be half fish?  Sure Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale seems like a walk on the beach, but mermaids have been known as temptresses, accident-prone and even killers throughout folk-lore history.

Fashion designers embrace crimson this season

With football season starting, Tuscaloosa citizens of all ages are purchasing their Game Day gear. Typically, this might result in a shortage of crimson colored clothing, but this year will play out differently.

Donna Meester on costume design and art

Creativity is not a sudden moment of perfection, it’s a process. Donna Meester, a University of Alabama Costume Design professor, knows the process all to well.

Socks add creativity to menswear

Fashion is a form of self-expression – an irreplaceable part of personal identity for both students and adults. Until recently, it seems as though menswear has been confined and inexpressive. When designers make strides to expand men’s apparel categories, they are sometimes written off as absurd. ...

Fashion can, will be sustainable

Success in business is all about the bottom-line. At the end of that day, fashion designers have to ask if they are making a worthwhile profit or just breaking even.

Jogger pants new fashion trend

Jogger pants, quickly trending in women’s loungewear, began in the men's sector as a cinched chino pant. Though a type of jogger can now be found just about anywhere, Publish Brand’s Michael Huynh is the designated creator of the style and actually has the name “jogger pant” trademarked.

Athleisure versatile for all activities

Athleisure, the descriptive term for active wear designed to be appropriate for the streets, has become a major industry segment, beginning 
summer 2014. It may not come as a surprise to hear that InStyle has proclaimed athleisure to likely be a permanent change of direction in the industry.