Allison Mollenkamp


SGA needs an ethics commission

Last week, outgoing SGA President Lillian Roth vetoed a bill that would have added student organization seating to the SGA code of laws.

LGBTQ couples should be allowed to adopt

This week while the nation watched as President Donald Trump rolled back President Obama’s protections for transgender students, discrimination against the LGBT community was even more active in Alabama.

Students should give up on being perfect

The start of a semester is always so hopeful. You think, “maybe all my classes will have a drop grade” or, “perhaps I can finally find time to work out and learn to cook gourmet meals.” The possibilities for self-improvement are endless.

Syllabi should be available before first week

Syllabus week is not one of the most difficult weeks of the semester by a long shot. Classes are usually short, and it's hard to have homework due when the professors haven't met with their classes to assign any.

Turkey is a terrible tradition

It’s almost Thanksgiving. What a wonderful holiday. It’s really a distilled version of all the other holidays. Literally the stated point is to eat and hang out with your family and be glad that you can do the first two things. That’s great. That’s a good holiday we came up with as a country. ...

College is about more than employment

We have reached a point in the 
semester where school work is 
inescapable. Holidays are still far enough away to not offer a reprieve, but the newness of classes has long worn off.