Alex Smith


Sororities should apply for block seating

[Fraternity men] feel as if they are losing their influence over women on this campus, and I hope that they are. It’s high time that all sorority women learn to base their self-worth on their accomplishments, not on the acceptance of fraternity men. 

New Greeks: Welcome to the Machine

To the Greek houses that are initiating unknowing freshman into the culture of The Machine: recognize that explaining to your new members they are simply a member of a “voting bloc” will no longer suffice.

Fuller Center Biking furthers recreation, charity

Pedaling slowly up the incline, the two men gasped for heated air as sweat poured down their faces. The previous 3,000 miles paled in comparison to the difficulty of these hills, but as the realization hit that their journey was coming to a close, the men willed themselves forward.

More than skin: A defense of uniform and character

“Can my daughter take a picture with you?” I bend down to the little girl and smile 
warmly at her. She stares at me with big eyes, completely awestruck as I proceed to hand her my baton. I slip my arm around her and she hugs me 
tightly, grinning from ear to ear as her mother snaps 
several ...

More to life than SGA

For the past month, I have felt nothing but animosity swirling amongst the people of this campus.

First, we are students

I learned to be a fighter from my mother. I’ve spent the majority of my life watching my mother overcome an abusive marriage and work two jobs to provide for me, while simultaneously raising me to be the woman I am today.

Being vulnerable is a virtue

Growing up I was always known as the quiet girl, who was easily frightened. In high school, I tried my absolute hardest to be a follower and to fit in with whatever group would let me into their circle.