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Live authentically and seek growth

I’ve thought about having to write this column for a long time. It’s amazing for me to see how the script of what I thought I would say has changed as I’ve grown as a student, a writer and a person.

Obama's second inauguration speech a rhetorically brilliant rallying call

The enduring legacy and painstaking repetition of the world’s most powerful nation is perhaps no more evident than on the few days throughout our rich history when we inaugurate a president. For decades, the commanding platform of the inaugural address and its accompanying festivities and fanfare ...

OPINION: Greek leaders must provide leadership to address hazing

Over the past two weeks, this newspaper has reported extensively on the atmosphere of our University’s greek system – the largest in the nation – uncovering and exposing troubling aspects of such an integral element of our student life. With a simple email to University and state administrators ...

Remembering Matthew Shepard: 14 years later

Friday, Oct. 12, will mark 14 years since the death of Matthew Shepard, the 21-year-old college student who was brutally beaten in the rural Wyoming countryside and left for dead because he was gay. He was tied to a fence and ruthlessly tortured by his two killers, who had tricked him by offering to ...

Debate important for candidates, voters

Tonight marks the first of three debates where Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama will each have their chance to make a distinct case to the American people, detailing their vision for the next four crucial years in our country’s history.

Romney's recent mishaps prove his inability to lead

While the Obama campaign may not have started publicly promoting their victory party for November just yet, I’m sure they’ve at least bought the champagne. At a time when many in the political world were certain that Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney would be neck-and-neck in the ...