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At the crest of the wave

One of my favorite songs from high school was “Power of One” by Bomshel. For some reason, amid the allusions to Rosa Parks and Anne Frank, the words “One grain of sand can turn the tide” spoke to me. At the time, I hadn’t the faintest idea what good any young person could ever do to be the ...

Candidate hopes to improve advising

So there I am at Bama Bound, bright-eyed and optimistic, advising sheet in my hand. I walk over to the Arts and Sciences advisor to get cleared for registration, hoping for some assistance in picking classes.

Student involvement for dummies

While this year’s SGA campaign may not be as visible as in years past, with chalking and stickers notably absent, it has still focused the attention of the student body yet again on the SGA and its role in campus life.

The globe is tilting right

As I’m sure you have all heard, earlier this month, Republicans trounced Democrats nationally, taking 63 House seats, six Senate spots and governor’s mansions from Maine to New Mexico and Florida to Wisconsin.