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Students adjust to new bus routes

The Department of Transportation Services is making efforts to help the UA community adjust to the new CrimsonRide system after cutting the number of routes from eight to four at the beginning of the semester, Ralph Clayton, assistant director of Transportation Services, said.

UA loses Maea Doster Cafe

Maea and Doster Café, former eateries on campus, closed during the summer. Kristina Hopton-Jones, director of University Dining Service, said Maea closed because the restaurant was underutilized, though it opened after surveys showed students would be interested in a sit-down dining facility. “It ...

Gerber receives Goldwater Scholarship

Daniel Gerber, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering, recently won the Goldwater Scholarship for 2010. On April 1, Gerber found out he won the scholarship.

Kohl talks technology in education for Last Lecture

Students and faculty gathered in Alston Hall Monday night to hear Lawrence Kohl, who won this year’s Last Lecture, give his speech. Ally Nevarez, a graduate student and member of the Student Selection Committee, said students nominated about 100 professors this year based on the question: “If this ...

Paper proves research to be imperative

Two faculty members of the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration helped produce a paper that explains how the research by UA professors helps students become more successful later in their careers. According to a UA news release, the business journal Academy of Management Learning ...

SGA seeks directors, committee members

The SGA is currently accepting applications for directors and University Standing Committees for 2010. SGA spokesman Ian Sams said students may apply for director positions online, or they can pick up an application for University Standing Committees in the SGA office.

Professor receives Buford award

Norman Baldwin, associate professor of political science and director of the master’s of public administration program, was recently named the 2010 recipient of the Lahoma Buford Peace Award. Deidra Lloyd, director of advancement in the School of Social Work, said the award is less than 10 years ...

Oldest honor society continue traditions

The men who have been walking around campus this week wearing black bowler hats, yellow striped ties and carrying canes are not trying to bring back old fashion statements. They are newly selected members of the Jasons, an all-male unofficial honor society. The Jasons Honor Society inducted its new ...

Honors College discusses ways to increase student involvement

Members of the UA Honors College met Wednesday evening in Nott Hall to discuss ideas that might encourage more student involvement in the college. Anna Foley, a Freshman Experience intern and member of the Honors College advisory board, said the Honors College is creating a structure for student involvement ...