"45 Years" closes out the Bama Art House's spring series

True love has many definitions, and in every situation a bond can be tested. "45 Years," the final film of the Bama Art House's spring mini-series, will deal with the themes of love and commitment. The movie is a tale of a couple that has made it to their 45th anniversary despite all the ups and downs of a typical marriage.

A little bird told me: Yellowhammer Festival to showcase music and art

Late in the evening on Easter Sunday, Brandon Izor, a junior majoring in computer science, stood in the middle of the Creative Campus offices in Maxwell Hall and checked his mathematics work one last time.  He and Francis Ittenbach, a senior majoring in English, stared at the table saw and PVC pipes in front of them and worried, not for the first time, if they miscalculated something along the way and if their careful plans would work.

Romantic comedies have lost the heartthrob element over time

The Beatles said it best: All you need is love. Webster’s Dictionary defines love as “a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person.” Few movies in the past couple of years have made hearts go aflutter and caused even the manliest of men to shed a tear. With the 10th anniversary of “The Notebook” this month, it’s caused many to ask the question: Has it really been ?that long?

Alabama band to perform at Bama

After performing at a showcase for music talent buyers in Houston,Texas, Mobile-based band The Mulligan Brothers were approached by a commander for the Navy.“How do you guys feel about playing in a war zone?” she asked.“We said, ‘Well, we’re OK with that.