University of Alabama Police Department

University to investigate UAPD allegations

The University of Alabama will investigate allegations of misconduct by University Police Department officers detailed in an anonymous letter sent to President Judy Bonner and other top officials, UA spokeswoman Deborah Lane confirmed to The Crimson White. The letter, a copy of which was sent to The Crimson White, begins, "I am employed by the University of Alabama Police Department" and alleges a pattern of favoritism and inconsistent disciplinary policies by UAPD administration asserting that "more than one standard exists for police employees at UAPD."

Pace of information causes concern after anonymous death threat

Ashtyn Norris had a familiar experience when police searching Tutwiler Hall Sunday night told her and her roommate to stay in their room, lock the door and not to open it for anyone. When Norris was a high school junior, her school was put on lockdown after it received a threatening letter. Norris’ mother, Angela Gair, said the response from the high school was immediate and widely spread.