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Our View: Continuing Transparency

In recent years, The University of Alabama’s administration has shown a lack of commitment to having an open, transparent dialogue on campus. Whenever anything happens that might damage the University’s reputation, the University’s media relations team has defaulted to inaction while attempting to silence public discussions.

Death with dignity must have consent

Carolyn Duke’s recent column in The Crimson White on the Death with Dignity Act presents a frivolous argument against progress on a grave issue. She suggests terminally ill people should not be allowed to end their own lives because that would be giving up on “hope for a 
cure or miracle.”

CW must broaden its news reporting

After asking the question, “Do you read The Crimson White?” The responses I have received include laughter, “The what?,” “I don’t think it’s worth my time,” “I get my news from social media” and “Every so often.” These responses are disheartening but not at all surprising.

Administration, students should learn from events of last week

The Authur Pendragon incident of two Sundays ago, and all of the chaos that followed, certainly bears many lessons for the University’s administration. In an age of social media, in which rumors travel at the speed of light from one smartphone to the next, it is incredibly easy for mass hysteria to set in during a crisis, fake or not, when the institution responsible for handling said crisis remains strikingly silent until after it’s over.

Assault victims should not be blamed

Women’s issues, particular those involving personal safety, have been at the forefront of the national discourse for months now. Because of this, I was surprised to open my Crimson White last Thursday and see an article blaming victims of physical and sexual assault in its very title: “Truthful assault reporting crucial."

STOP! The next great column could be your own

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