Perez finishes time at Alabama against Arkansas, Missouri

If there’s an Alabama women’s tennis player who can walk right up to someone, give them a great big hug and kiss on the cheek as a greeting, it’s senior Luicelena Perez. After graduating from high school in Venezuela in 2010, she took two years off to play tennis. Soon, she was looking into playing college tennis for the first time. She only heard about Alabama from current teammate Natalia Maynetto since they knew each other from when Perez lived in Florida.

Kenyon leads team spirit

As if being a collegiate tennis player and college student majoring in mechanical engineering wasn’t enough, Alabama senior Stuart Kenyon is also video game junkie, said coach George Husack.

Zabor leaves legacy on and off tennis court

She was born with tennis in her blood and soon after, she had a racket in her hand. It’s easy for senior Emily Zabor to recall why she first got into tennis – it was inevitable with her family. Her father played in college at Michigan State University, and his father played tennis at The University of Detroit. Tennis was always a big deal on that side of the family, she said.