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UPDATED: UA student tests positive for Zika virus

There are "confirmed cases" of Zika virus on the University of Alabama campus, according to an email sent to UA students and faculty involved in study abroad programs in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America or South America. The email, sent on June 10 by Carolina Robinson, director of Education Abroad, recommended that students who went abroad to these countries get tested for the virus. "Most people infected with Zika virus won't even know they have the disease because they won't have symptoms," the email read. According to the CDC's website, the most common symptoms are fever, rash, joint pain or conjunctivitis.

UA student shares international experience

In the spring, Ann Elizabeth’s morning commutes consisted of views of Big Ben and rides on the Tube. Most days she was working in the House of Lords, very similar to the United States senate, where she worked for the Liberal Democrat Party researching women’s policies in the UK. On Fridays, she could be found taking classes at an English university. 

Studying abroad requires planning process

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience for students, but a lot of work goes into the process before students hop on a plane and begin their adventure. The first step is to fill out an application online on the Education Abroad office website.

Education Abroad holds photo contest

For those who studied abroad last year and need scholarship money, look no further—the University of Alabama Education Abroad office is hosting a photo contest with prizes of $100 or $50.  “It’s a great way for students to show what they experienced while they were studying abroad” Chad Berry, the assistant director of Education Abroad, said.

St. Petersburg defies preconceptions, gives eye-opening experience

When I first landed in St. Petersburg, Russia, I had no idea what to expect. I was told to be alert of your surroundings, keep political conversations to the bare minimum, and not to drink the metal ion-filled sink water, or else you'll get a parasite called Giardia, which is not a day in paradise. Mason Durden is a senior majoring in international business. 

Credit equivalency hinders study abroad

Students at The University of Alabama are constantly bombarded with emails, and a fair share of these emails are plastered with capitalized and flashy subject lines saying things such “Study abroad reminders.” I find these emails slightly obnoxious yet informative and necessary for those of us who plan on partaking in one of college’s most enriching opportunities: studying abroad. My traveler’s nostalgia from my previous trips may tend to drag out and bore people, but I believe my passion for exploring and my past experiences with studying abroad gives me some credibility to critique one major aspect of the Capstone International Academic Programs: international 
credit evaluation.