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UA, LSU fans come together, give back to New Orleans

Students, faculty and alumni of the University of Alabama and Louisiana State University met at the Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Louisiana in New Orleans a day before the national championship to give back to the community that hosted the fans of both teams. The mixed group of fans worked together to paint classrooms and desks and revamp their baseball field.

Bowden confirmed as EVP

The Student Government Association Senate unanimously voted to confirm senior Randy Bowden as Executive Vice President at a special session in the Ferguson Center Monday night.

SGA requires a strong monarch

It has come to my attention that I have inexplicably not been chosen for the 2011 homecoming court. Since conceding is for chumps, I am going to take the opportunity to abuse my position as senior staff columnist to elaborate on my plans, had I won the prestigious title of homecoming queen. It is painfully evident that the student body does not fully understand the role the homecoming queen plays in everyday life here at UA.

Kennedy advocates plan to grow scholarship fund

Mark David Kennedy is thankful for choosing to major in finance. Kennedy, the current treasurer of the Student Government Association and candidate for vice president of financial affairs in the upcoming election, will have to cope with the reduction of state appropriations to the University that has shriveled the University's state-appointed budget to about $46 million. “We have to find a way to work with the administration to address this,” he said. He said the SGA office of financial affairs will have to reel in funding from sources other than the state government, such as alumni and private businesses, to meet the financial needs of student organizations. Kennedy said Auburn University's SGA has partnered with Verizon Wireless so that the SGA will receive $50 for each student who signs a cell phone contract for $39.99 per month. As vice president of financial affairs, Kennedy said he would want to institute a similar plan for the University. The Financial Affairs Committee, which distributes funds to student organizations, has depleted its per fiscal year budget of $120,000 although an FAC meeting is scheduled in April with around $61,000 of requests being made from student organizations, he said.

Constitution grants senate more power

The senate would get more power over the other branches of the Student Government Association under the new constitution, and will need to use that power quickly to answer a few big questions left from the constitutional overhaul, like how appointments are made to senate committees. Committee assignments can directly affect the flow of funding from SGA—for example, five senators from the Senate Committee on Finance are required by the proposed constitution to sit on the Financial Affairs Committee that awards University money to student groups. With the creation of the speaker of the Senate position, the new constitution leaves unanswered the questions of how senators are appointed to committees and who appoints them. “Right now, the new constitution does not delineate a set process for appointing senators,” Senator David Simpson said.

Senate focuses on student outreach

The Student Government Association Senate voted Thursday to create the Before Bama e-mail program to streamline students’ ability to get involved in student organizations that match their interests. The resolution, authored by SGA senator Ryan Flamerich, will allow demographic information provided by students when they apply to the University to be used to create personalized mass mails about campus groups and programs. "Before Bama is an opportunity for us to engage students before they step foot on campus,” SGA Executive Vice President Nicole Bohannon said. “Through this program, student organizations can reach out to potential new members, and incoming freshmen can reach out to those organizations, too.

SGA in final stretch

The SGA has two months remaining, and officers say they are not slowing down. “The Student Government Association is looking forward to the upcoming months and eager to finish out the term on a strong note,” said Steven Oliver, SGA president. “We will begin many projects along with continuing projects from the fall semester.” One of the projects includes Executive Vice President Meg McCrummen’s SGA service awards.