Student Government Association

It’s not child’s play

In her column published on a few days ago, Crimson White Opinions Editor Leigh Terry urges her fellow classmates, SGA members and part-time activists to “grow up” suggesting that much of the petty politics and childish behavior that too often accompanies campus policy is relatively insignificant especially when compared to several other more important issues.

SGA confirms Allenlundy as chief of staff

After two weeks of uncertainty, the SGA senate unanimously approved the confirmation of Chisolm Allenlundy as Chief of Staff at their meeting Tuesday night. This decision comes as the result of an order released Tuesday afternoon by the SGA Student Judiciary stating that, after review of his qualifications and experience, Allenlundy will serve as Chief of Staff for the 2015-2015 academic year.

Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen

College is supposed to be the time in our lives where we seek to challenge the status quo. We, as college students, are given the responsibility to find issues that we are passionate about and look to provide solutions to problems that surround us.

Presidential debate held in Bryant-Denny Stadium

The Zone in Bryant-Denny was packed with students in support of presidential candidates Stephen Keller and Elliot Spillers on Monday night. The presidential debate began with Spillers’ opening statement in which he touched on his health initiative plan for students. Keller focused on his SGA experience and his desire to tackle the difficult issues around campus head-on in his opening statement.

Our View: Tate Thomas for student affairs

The Crimson White Editorial Board endorses Tate Thomas for the position of vice president of student affairs. The vice president of student affairs should be held by a person who cares about the multitude of issues faced by students but also recognizes how the role can be used to fix those problems.