SGA Elections

SGA Needs New Direction and New Energy

My name is Ryan Campbell and I am running to become your next Vice President of Student Affairs. Over the last year I have had the privilege of serving on the Judicial Board and getting a firsthand account of what our SGA does right and what our SGA does wrong.

Together we can create tangible change

As an out-of-state student, I never really thought I’d come to The University of Alabama. It wasn’t until a spontaneous tour that I decided this university is where I needed to be, and I’ve joined 15,682 out-of-state undergraduates who have also decided to join me. This campus, this city and this state have become my home, and I’m proud to call myself a student of The University 
of Alabama.

SODEL hosts candidate forum

Candidates for Student Government Association executive offices discussed their campaign platforms in front of students at a forum hosted by Students for Open Doors and Ethical Leadership Wednesday night. The forum hosted speakers such as presidential candidates Elliot Spillers and Stephen Keller, as well many others.

SGA can do more to provide resources, engage students

I’m Ben Leake, a sophomore from Lexington, Illinois, majoring in Finance and Management Information Systems. I am running for Vice President for Financial Affairs because I believe the SGA has the ability and responsibility to help provide every student the resources they need to make their college experience an 
incredible one.

SGA candidates convey platforms

Today, the unopposed candidates for Vice President for External Affairs and Vice President for Financial Affairs will be discussing their campaign platforms. The Vice President for External Affairs is the connection between our campus and the communities we live in: Tuscaloosa, the state of Alabama, and the nation.

SGA needs to reach out to our community

“We are the Capstone of Higher Education” – we as students hear this phrase day in and day out here at The University of Alabama. We envision our campus as a city on a hill: a great place to both learn and enjoy the four best years of our lives. But too often, I think, we lose sight of where our campus fits into the great state of Alabama.

SGA needs to form better channels of communication

My name is Katrina Swarthout and I am running for the position of Executive Secretary. I am currently a junior from San Jose, California, majoring in communication studies and double minoring in public relations and German. Being a member of the University of Alabama Student Government Association has been the highlight of my college career.