SGA Elections

SGA elections offer glimpse into changing climate of campus politics

Last spring, during the yearly SGA fervor, I wrote two columns that deserve to be rehashed. The first addressed how the SGA must save itself from irrelevance. The second, more importantly, addressed that even if the Machine still won’t learn, the student body surely can. The former is true: this year’s SGA has successfully rebranded itself. The SGA by any measure has greatly improved its standing amongst students and reasserted its relevancy on this campus. The latter, however, is up for debate.

Spillers wins 8,602 votes to secure SGA presidency

In Elliot Spiller’s words, third time’s a charm. After two failed SGA elections in previous years, Spillers was elected president of the SGA on Tuesday night. A campaign member was alerted of the victory through a GroupMe message that was sent out after Spillers, a junior majoring in business management from Pelham, Alabama, got the call while at Chipotle.

Presidential debate held in Bryant-Denny Stadium

The Zone in Bryant-Denny was packed with students in support of presidential candidates Stephen Keller and Elliot Spillers on Monday night. The presidential debate began with Spillers’ opening statement in which he touched on his health initiative plan for students. Keller focused on his SGA experience and his desire to tackle the difficult issues around campus head-on in his opening statement.