SGA Elections

A greater UA

My platform, "A Greater UA" is about enhancing student life in as many aspects as possible. I want to take out the pronouns me, his, her or their in "home" and turn them into "our" home because after all this is the place we spend our college career.

I am you

As a junior, I have a particular set of responsibilities. Upper division term papers, organizational commitments, and studying for the LSAT.

2014-2015 SGA had successes, failures

The 2014-2015 SGA Senate had its final meeting on Thursday, March 26. It was an interesting experience to serve as the law school Senator. Unsurprisingly, all of the legislation that was moderately controversial failed to either reach the floor for a vote or pass. This acceptance of the status quo can easily be explained by the successes and failures of some of the 
less-boring legislation passed.