SGA Elections

Leake plans for campus unification if elected

Q: Can you give me a quick rundown of your life story? A: All right, so, like I said I'm currently a junior from Lexington, Illinois. I'm studying double major in management information systems and finance. You know, initially I wasn't sure why I wanted to go to college, but I wanted a place where it felt like home that was, you know, great as far as financial opportunities, for me and my family both, to afford to go out of state, and obviously, ultimately the programs that I wanted to study. So it's kind of those three main factors. Secondly, you know, I got to Alabama after visiting 26 other schools. I knew that it was definitely the right choice, and so over the past three years I've gotten the chance to make a lot of incredible friends, have had a lot of great experiences. I'm in SGA and in a bunch of different student organizations all across campus.

Experience, ideas and an even better UA

I have a plan for the position of Vice President of Financial Affairs. My SGA experience, most recently as a Senator for the College of Business and alternate member of the SGA Financial Affairs Committee, has given me a first-hand perspective on the process of organizational funding allocation.