Quad overrun by caterpillars

An object fell from the sky and struck Amelia Warriner’s laptop keyboard with a sudden “thwack.” “Speak of the devil,” the sophomore nursing major said. The devil in question, a dark, tan-furred caterpillar with turquoise stripes running down its back, had just dive-bombed onto Warriner’s computer from its perch in the branches of the tree above. The sneak attack quickly verified Warriner’s barely completed assertion that “the caterpillars are all over the place this year.” These forest tent caterpillars have come out in full force on the Quad over the past few weeks, tickling the necks, arms and legs of students who take to the outdoors to study, walk to class or throw a Frisbee. “They’re everywhere,” said Ben Sleight, a freshman who has yet to declare a major, though he said he has not personally come in direct physical contact with any of the multiple-legged visitors. Warriner has had the opportunity to get much more up-close and personal. “I had them on my face in lab the other day.