Vote for Doug Jones

As Alabamians and Americans, it is important that we cast our vote for the rule of law and not the rule of a man’s religious whims, and that we keep our state and country on a path forward and not one beating ceaselessly into the past.

Indifference to the issues endangers victims

Recently, Burger King released an anti-bullying campaign advertisement that compared a young boy being picked on by bullies with a burger that was “beaten” by employees. This social experiment showed that random customers were more inclined to return their beaten and smashed burgers than to call out actual bullying happening to a young boy right before their eyes.

YouTube should amplify voices of LGBTQ minorities

Success for YouTube, its content-makers and its viewers, has always relied on algorithms, the invisible math that guides relevant content matches whenever you search for a video. And as advanced and effective as such programming can be, it is not without its steep drawbacks – particularly for the LGBTQ+ community.