America needs to heal our divisions

The people of this country also need to learn how to work together to come to an agreement on how to move the United States forward as a collective whole, rather than continue to be two divided parties stuck in gridlock. 

Congress must realize human lives aren't bargaining chips

Congress is clearly out-of-touch with the American people if they think it is okay to weigh human lives against each other and force us to choose which one is more important. Both CHIP and DACA have saved thousands of lives, and using these programs to get what they want in the end was egregious. 

UA Gala honors Greek women, but not all women

To kickoff the year-long celebration of 125 years of women on campus, the Anderson Society and other sponsoring organizations – Greek organizations – will meet for a formal gala at the President’s Mansion mid-February. If you haven’t been invited to this event, I regret to inform you that tickets are completely sold out. 

For felons, punishment should stop after prison

Once a person with a felony has served their sentence, they should no longer have to suffer the consequences of their actions. This means that their criminal history should be sealed from employers and that their constitutionally mandated rights be automatically restored. 

Hip hop has room to grow regarding homophobia

As hip-hop has grown in popularity, its corresponding culture has grown to encompass a larger and more diverse group of artists, producers, and fans. This inclusion has caused some of the community’s members, both old and new, to confront internal attitudes that they have not had to confront before.