UA student technology advances outside of research

Jacob Zarobsky is one of the four student entrepreneurs who worked on a baseball practice app called Pitch Analyzer Software or PA Software. The team consists of Matthew Bowen who did research under Jeff Gray, a computer science professor at the University, Matthew’s brother Will Bowen, an aerospace engineer, and a recent graduate named Andrew White are also a part of the team.

UA Hillel expands facilities to fit growing population

Construction on the new Bloom Hillel facility began on Feb. 4, and the project is scheduled to finish in August. The expansion will increase the size of the facility by 50 percent, increasing capacity from 140 to 250. Student Board President of Hillel Benjamin Greenberg said the expansion will make space for offices, a conference room for the board of trustees, and storage. 

Bitcoin volatility wards off student investors

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are virtual currency that implements encryption to regulate the units of currency in circulation and their transfer. While there is no intrinsic value to cryptocurrency, the market value is ascertained solely by the demand of people wanting to buy and sell it, leading to large shifts in cost.