ELI takes hits when international enrollment drops

The English Language Institute (ELI),  is a non-credit bearing program that provides English language support to international students at the University of Alabama. It lives and dies by their enrollment numbers, and in  April, five ELI faculty volunteered to cross the Pacific to save their colleagues’ jobs. They are now on payroll at a Japanese institution. 

Student-run group provides support to student organizations

“Most people don’t even know what The Source is, yet we have so many resources that we can provide for organizations,” said senior marketing major Caroline Harris. “…If [students] need advice on how to get involved, about marketing for their organization, funding, or even event planning, [then they can come to us].”  

Vice provost to deliver speech about industry experience

“He’s done just about everything with technology [and is a] really entertaining, and a dynamic speaker,” said Meagan Bennett, marketing and communications manager in the Office of Information Technology. “While informing students, he gives general advice while hitting all the general topics of all the industries.”  

Short-term rental in Tuscaloosa finds success

The areas have experienced success with leasing in the short-term while not seeing a rise in crime. Leasing companies, the tenants, parents and students have all expressed their satisfaction with the new policy, and even expressed the desire to expand the policy. 

Lecture sheds light on inequality in American school system

As the time of the lecture started to near, 100 plus attendee's filed into the Woodis-McDonald Auditorium on Thursday night. Gathering for the Julie C. Laible Memorial Lecture Series on anti-racist scholarship, education, and social activism, those in attendance came to hear of Annette Lareau's findings on how class and race can affect the easiness of schooling throughout a person’s life.