UA English professor sweeps awards season

Harris, University of Alabama distinguished research professor of English, majored in English and social studies at Stillman College. Between her junior and senior year, she went to Indiana University in Bloomington where she took a couple courses in literature, and then a year later went to Ohio State University on a fellowship. She then got her PhD in English with a specialty in folklore and secondary interest in African-American literature from Ohio State. 

Alabama workforce requires more preparation according to survey

Since 2013, businesses have been asked to participate in the Alabama Business Confidence Index survey every quarter to ask the opinions of business leaders about the state and their companies.  According to the most recent survey, executives said the top five issues facing the state are education and workplace training, infrastructure improvement, economic and business development, dissatisfaction with government and job growth. 

Stopping local break-ins proves difficult for TPD

This past year has seen an increase in breaking-and-entering crime in the area. 609 auto-burglaries were assigned to the TPD in 2017, Capt. Brad Mason, commander of the Criminal Investigations Division or CID, said. From those cases, 107 arrest were made that year, an 18% arrest rate. During February, Mason said the TPD tracked 52 auto-burglaries and 16 arrests.