White supremacy flier found on campus

The poster included a picture of Identity Evropa founder Nathan Damigo speaking into a megaphone, with the words “Our Generation, Our Future, Our Last Chance.” The flier is part of a supposed recruitment shift from the group’s previous fliers that used images of Greek and Roman statues.  

Caddell Construction accepts bid to build border wall prototype

Caddell Construction, the Montgomery-based company which was awarded the July 2017 contract to build The University of Alabama's new residence halls, recently caught the attention of some members of The University of Alabama community after the Trump administration handed out their contracts to build prototypes of the proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall.  

Workshop aims to close the pay gap

 AAUW has done extensive research that shows women don’t negotiate their salaries as often as men do, Miller said.  This workshop teaches the proper skills to enable women to be able to negotiate effectively and empowers them with the skills to close the pay gap.