Tuscaloosa facility recycles Christmas decorations

The Curry Environmental Facility in Tuscaloosa is offering a program to let people drop off Christmas trees as well other greenery and decorations to be recycled to make cleaning up for the new year a little easier. “The program started 13 years ago. Over 1,200 trees have been recycled,” said Ashley Chambers, an environmental educator in Tuscaloosa. 

New Alabama voting laws could impact Senate race

In 2001, after completing a sentence of 14 years in prison on drug related charges, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow of Dothan, Alabama was eager to be part of society again, only to learn that he was unable to vote. Three years later, he was given a pardon which allowed him to register to vote again. For the next four months, he wore his voter registration card around his neck proudly. 

SGA speech restricted by internal, external regulations

Though the Student Government Association acts as the voice of the student body, their voice is not always free. Members of the SGA are inconsistent regarding their ability to speak openly and freely on campus. Those in higher positions have reached a consensus that while certain safeguards and etiquette should be adhered to, they say no concrete speech regulations have been implemented by the administration. However, legislators felt otherwise, saying tailored statements and campaign regulations restrict SGA speech. 

Free speech of Greek students restricted

When members of Greek organizations become initiated, they join a brotherhood, sisterhood, and a new set of rules. These rules often surround the ways in which members present themselves. Organizations often set precautions to uphold the name the founders and following members spent so long developing, leaving media commentary in the hands of the higher ups in their respective organizations as public representatives.   

Ignite UA application closing

Ignite UA is a program through First Year Experience and Retention Initiatives that allows first-year students to connect and relate with peers, learn more about UA and its resources, and build a network with faculty and staff.   The 2018 Ignite UA program application is due Dec. 8.