New College

Linda Creek continues ed through LifeTrack

Linda Creek was planning to pursue a degree in special education at The University of Alabama when she was forced to drop out, get a job and take care of her family. Her mother was sick, 
and her father, who worked for 35 years at a paper factory, lost his job. Almost 40 years later, Creek returned to the University through New College’s LifeTrack program to complete her lifelong dream of education. At Honors Day, Creek was awarded the Alice Parker Award, named after a long-working University professor, for her love of 
[learning] and the humanities.

UA Revive members empower high schoolers

The University of Alabama’s Revive Progress Association has made efforts to make voter registration more convenient for University of Alabama students, working with political organizations and by providing high school students with opportunities to succeed both inside and outside of 
the classroom. RPA focused specifically on mentoring in two schools, Oak Hill and Central High School, and it collaborated with The University of Alabama to help 
students succeed.

Student documentary addresses campus racial discrimination

Since enrolling as a student at The University of Alabama, Nichole Corbett’s perspective on racial discrimination has evolved greatly. Corbett, now a senior majoring in English and interdisciplinary studies, decided to devote her senior thesis to exploring the different experiences of women of color on campus. The resulting documentary, entitled Phenomenal Women, will be screened Thursday night as part of the University's African American History Month programming.

New College senior hosts on-campus arts festival

The work of 18 artists will occupy the Canterbury Chapel lawn Thursday for “Creative Space: Art from the 
Crimson Heart.” The arts and crafts festival is a senior project by New College student Amelia Horshok, who hopes to highlight the talents of students, faculty members and alumni while weaving the community together through art, she said.

New College students face individual paths

New College was founded in 1971 to serve dedicated students whose ambitions don’t fit squarely into a specific major. The students, along with help from New College faculty advisers, create plans to blend classes from all departments according to their own interests and ideas. The self-designed major is called 
a “depth study.”

UA offers LGBTQ studies

October marks the 21st anniversary of LGBTQ History Month, and National Coming Out Day celebrated its 27th anniversary Oct. 11. To encourage student interest in the LGBTQ community, one university now allows students to study it.

Lonam brings leadership to Mallet Assembly

As the Mallet Assembly begins another year at the Capstone, Terrance Lonam, a sophomore majoring in interdisciplinary studies, takes on the responsibility as the organization's leader. Lonam said his focus as president will be acting as a voice for his peers.

New College is a real discipline

While reading The Crimson White last Wednesday, I came upon an article by a student named Ross Owens titled, “Occupy movements pointless.” As I am one for the freedom of speech, and love to hear both sides of an argument, I thought that maybe I would gain some insight into the anti-Occupy Wall Street thinking. What I was greeted with was blatant elitism and prejudice.

Photography exhibit opens in New College gallery

“Images from There and Nowhere,” a photojournalism and digital art exhibit by New College student Adam Booher, will open Tuesday in New Gallery, located in Lloyd Hall Room 216. There will be an opening reception Tuesday at 7 p.m., and the show will run until March 8. Booher’s photographic work is from his travels in Guatemala, Zambia and Uganda.