Gov. Rick Perry

Imagine for a moment, the smoke filled screams of a young child unable to cross a wall of fire. The terror of a house in collapse, as smoke obscures your vision and your skin begins to broil.

Dean Garner to receive ADA's highest award

Margaret Garner, assistant dean of the College of Community Health Sciences and director of Health Promotion and Wellness, will be presented with the American Dietetic Association’s Marjorie Hulsizer Copher Award, the institution’s highest honor, this Saturday. The award was endowed in honor of Marjorie Hulsizer Copher, who made lasting contributions to the field of dietetics during and after WWI by her husband, Dr. Glover Copher, after her death. The award is given annually to the dietician who displays outstanding achievement in nutrition and dietetics leadership and education. Garner will be picked up by limo at the San Diego International Airport on Thursday.

Fraternity to sponsor football award

The life of Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant bears a special relationship to the Sigma Nu fraternity on campus. As a student at the University, Bryant was initiated into Sigma Nu, and to honor his legacy, his fraternity will enter into a partnership with the American Heart Association to sponsor the Paul “Bear” Bryant Award, a college football coach of the year award bestowed each January in Houston, Texas, that recognizes excellence both on and off the field. “The Coach of the Year Award has been around since the 1950s, but after Coach Bryant died in 1983, the sports writers who determined who wins the award had communication with Coach Bryant’s family, and the award was renamed at that point,” said Brad Beacham, executive director of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. “The whole concept of the partnership is that Bryant was a Sigma Nu in 1938 while he was at the University and is obviously one of our most well-known and prominent alumni.

Accounting professor wins national award

On Aug. 8, Culverhouse professor of accounting Edward Schnee accepted the Outstanding Tax Educator Award, bringing prestige to his career and to the University. The annual meeting of the American Taxation Association, held in conjunction with the American Accounting Association, convened in Denver, Colo., to announce Schnee as the recipient of the distinguished award. “I was thrilled and excited to find out that I had won the award," Schnee said.