UA grad to appear on hit TV shows

University of Alabama alumna, Sonequa Martin-Green, is seeing her dreams come true before her very eyes. Five years ago she spoke the line, “True I talk of dreams, which are the children of an idle brain,” while playing the character of Mercutio in the UA department of theatre and dance’s production of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” She recently accepted roles on two major television shows, “Once Upon a Time” and “The Walking Dead.” “Sonequa was ravenous as a student,” said Seth Panitch, a University of Alabama associate professor of theatre. Panitch directed Martin-Green in her role as Mercutio.

UA accounting program ranked 18th in country

The University of Alabama’s undergraduate accounting program is ranked 18th in the country, according to Public Accounting Report’s 2012 Annual Professors Survey. The program jumped two spots from the 2011 survey. Peter Johnson, an assistant professor in the Culverhouse School of Accountancy, said he expects the University to continue to move up the list. “The School of Accountancy has been consistently ranked in the top 25, and, I believe, over the next 3 to 5 years, we will see our program reach the top 10,” Johnson said. Johnson credits the success of the program to multiple attributes, such as the students in the program. “Our students are motivated and excited to learn about the business community and the field of accountancy,” Johnson said.

Fed study says Alabama economy one of worst

Alabama has the worst economy in the Southeast, according to research conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. For two years, Alabama has had the worst economy in the region, based on the state’s total number of jobs, unemployment rate, total wages and the total number of hours worked in manufacturing. The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia calls these combined statistics “the state coincidence index.” The coincidence index indicates the economic standing of each state. The study also suggests Alabama has the fourth worst economy in the United States, only ahead of Alaska, Hawaii and Michigan. David Bailey, a senior majoring in finance, believes Alabama’s economy is at a low point but questions the validity of the Federal Reserve Banks’s study. “The Federal Reserve is really not that great at measuring statistics,” Bailey said.

Pay gap between men, women in Alabama among worst in nation

Alabama’s gender wage gap is among the worst in the nation, according to a recent study by the National Women’s Law Center. “There are a few things that we usually see in the states [with higher gender wage gaps],” Kate Gallagher Robbins, a senior policy analyst at the NWLC, said. Robbins said states with more unionization are usually correlated with smaller gender pay gaps. “Unionization usually correlates with more equal pay,” she said. Robbins also looked at the kinds of jobs available to recent high school graduates. “The bottom 10 states, a lot of those states are states that get a lot of their economy from natural resources,” Robbins said.

Students suffer from nomophobia, cellphone addiction

A new addiction is being added to the long list, right alongside drugs and alcohol – nomophobia, an addiction to cellphones. In 2008, British researchers coined the term nomophobia for the anxiety one feels when having no access to their mobile phone. A recent study sponsored by SercurEnvoy showed that the number of people suffering from nomophobia has grown to 66 percent, as opposed to the 53 percent four years ago.

Sigma Chi, football player named in lawsuit

A one-time pledge of The University of Alabama’s Iota Iota chapter of the Sigma Chi fraternity filed a federal lawsuit last Friday against the fraternity and UA football player Kelly Johnson, alleging that during a “pledge event” in fall 2010, Johnson injured him physically and mentally by punching and kicking him as he vomited in Johnson’s bathroom. In the lawsuit, the 2010 pledge Logan Herring states he was instructed by members of Sigma Chi to attend the event in Johnson’s house, where he was given and consumed alcoholic drinks, despite being a minor at the time. According to the suit, Herring began to feel sick after some time and vomited on a couch in Johnson’s house before going to a restroom.

Ph.D student wins international award

A University of Alabama student and faculty member won two awards at a prestious conference for people in the microelectronics and packaging society earlier this month. The International Microelectronics and Packaging Society is the largest society dedicated to the advancement and growth of microelectronics and electronics packaging technologies through professional education.