GAMEDAY: The Ole Blemish

Just a week ago, Jake Coker and Derrick Henry made their victory lap around University of Phoenix Stadium with their new national title gear on. The Crimson Tide had dismantled the previously undefeated No. 1 Clemson Tigers and had claimed its 16th national title. Alabama had finally proven that it was the best team in the nation, and the memories of the Ole Miss loss had finally faded.

GAMEDAY: CokerDeepBall: The important things in life

Huntsville, Alabama is home of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, but when a lifelong Alabama football fans sees those decommissioned rockets, he thinks of something even more important. “Once upon a time, those things took off into the great night just like a CokerDeepBall.” The only thing in life that matters is Jake Coker’s ability to throw the deep ball, especially as Alabama’s quarterback. If there’s one man out there that fully appreciates Coker’s strength, it’s that same Alabama fan and he tries to enlighten the rest of the universe via an anonymous Twitter account, @CokerDeepBall. “Once Jake came into my life, it changed everything,” CDB said. Coker’s arm strength was hidden in the shadows of Florida State University’s former quarterback Jameis Winston, followed by former Alabama quarterback Blake Sims. Last year, CDB noticed that while Coker possessed the deep ball talent, Sims did not yet he got the starting position.

The beginning of the end

By Terrin Waack | Staff Reporter For 25 men, Saturday will mark the last time they play football in Bryant-Denny Stadium for the University of Alabama. They’ll continue to sport their respective jersey numbers for the last two regular season games and, they hope, into the post season as well. But after Saturday’s game against Charleston Southern, those 25 seniors will never again experience running through that Bryant-Denny tunnel and being greeted by loud cheers from thousands of fans.

GAMEDAY: In-tents ingenuity for intense injuries

By Terrin Waack | Staff Reporter The Alabama football has a new toy on its sideline – a pop-up medical tent. The tent does not have an official name yet, but it has seen the sideline of every home and away game, minus the season opener against Wisconsin. Assistant athletic director of sports medicine Jeff Allen came up with the overall idea in light of the emphasis increase on safety and well being of athletes, especially in football.

GAMEDAY: Sweet Home Alabama

By Terrin Waack | Staff Reporter Sweet Home Alabama Richard Mullaney has found his home. The day after his graduation party, he shoved as much as he could into two duffel bags, hopped on a plane and found himself in Alabama. The new Alabama wide receiver didn’t know the campus, and he didn’t know where he was going to live.

GAMEDAY: Bringing the Payne

By Terrin Waack | Staff Reporter He may not look it, but Daron Payne is indeed a freshman. Standing at 6 feet 2 inches with a 315-pound frame, Payne was called a man-child by teammate Reggie Ragland before Alabama’s season opener against Wisconsin.