O'Henry's Coffees to open in downtown Tuscaloosa

For those looking for a less commercial place to buy and drink coffee, a new business coming to Tuscaloosa could fill that caffeine gap. O'Henry's Coffees will open a new location in a new downtown development, Downtown Rock Point, at the intersection of University Boulevard and Lurleen Wallace South. O'Henry's is currently the only business to officially fill a spot in the new retail center.

Waysider champions breakfast food, Alabama tradition

Summer is coming to a close. Last-ditch road trip plans are being glued together, fall classes creep ever closer to your door, and the editor who asked me to write this is pressing for the column. Syllabus day’s blessed emptiness will somehow inevitably bore you to death, and once again the streets, the gym and the restaurants will be teeming with more people than the coach class of a Southwest flight. So before you’re using “dining dollars” to excuse the half-hour wait at B-Phil’s, head out to one of Tuscaloosa’s soon-to-be-packed-again staples.

Black Warrior Brewing Company overcomes obstacles

Late Sunday evening, several patrons of one of Tuscaloosa’s newest breweries gathered to enjoy a few three-dollar pints at the Black Warrior Brewing Company. Behind the bar, a bartender drew draft beers into pint glasses embossed with Black Warrior Brewing Company’s original arrowhead logo while cellarman and co-owner Joe Fuller made the final preparations for the release of next week’s small batch.