Back-to-school tips and tricks for University of Alabama students

Another summer is winding down and another great fall semester at The University of Alabama is revving up. Soon, students and professors will be returning to campus and adjusting to their new schedules. Every new school year is a fresh start for students to meet new friends, get involved with organizations and create a plan to achieve their highest goals. Here are some quick tips to help the transition go more smoothly. 

Tuscaloosa Museum of Art offers a look at art history

Nestled away on Jack Warner Parkway is a sizeable collection of western art in American history, the Tuscaloosa Museum of Art. The gallery has pieces from numerous American artists such as Edwin Forbes, Edward Hopper, Edward Virginius Valentine, Julian Scott and William Frye and is considered by those who work there to be a gateway into the world of American art.

"Game of Thrones" and the art of fantasy story scale

Since it's premiere 2011, HBO’s fantasy epic, “Game of Thrones,” has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity to heights that no other fantasy TV show has even come close to. This could be attributed to the show’s pulse-pounding action, dazzling special effects or imminently memorable characters, but it should, most of all, be attributed to the immense ability of the show’s writers.

Sloss Music & Arts Festival 2017 this weekend in Birmingham

This year's Sloss Music and Arts Festival will take place this Saturday and Sunday, July 16th at Sloss Furnace National Historic Landmark in Birmingham. In its third year, the music and lifestyle festival will feature 40 bands on four stages along with craft beers, cocktails, arts and crafts and classic Birmingham food.