College Republicans should not heel to party

On March 7, the College Republican Federation of Alabama, which recently elected new officers, issued a press release which stated: “Support the platform of the ALGOP and the RNC along with the traditional, conservative, American and Alabamian values.” This release is a terrible idea, very bad for young Republican voters. Some context is needed.

Civic engagement, connecting students will help unify university

My name is Elliot Spillers, and I will be your next Vice President of Student Affairs. Currently, I’m a sophomore at the University majoring in business management and serving as Deputy Director of Engagement in the Student Government Association. I am running for VPSA because I have a passion for connecting students of all backgrounds and creating solutions toward a unified campus environment.

Republican party should change to ensure relevancy

Republicans will be facing a tough midterm election cycle. While they could win the Senate, an admittedly major prize, they are also facing a real identity crisis: The party is growing way too old, and they are running out of voters. Currently the Republican Party is seen as the party of old white men.