Sandboxes and tantrums

When asked to write a senior farewell column, the first thing I did was look up my expectations. Sifting through the musings of student leaders from years past, I found that these reflections came and went without much reaction or apparent readership.

Hating the hand that fed me

The first Machine senate meeting I was required to attend, after I was elected as an SGA senator by the gracious Machine Greek members in the College of Communication and Information Sciences, was held in the basement of the old Phi Delta Theta house outside the stadium. The then-executive vice president told us pretty casually about how we were expected to vote in our first senate meeting, and I thought to myself, “Is this it?

How not to be scared of even Nick Saban

I learned quickly not to be scared or intimidated. As a wide-eyed sophomore, I sat near the back of the Naylor Stone Media Suite at a Nick Saban press conference and grabbed the microphone, hands trembling. I had been assigned to ask a question for a story another Crimson White reporter was doing about conference expansion affecting the annual Tennessee game. Saban gave me a fairly cordial answer, but then a switch flipped. “I could give a s**t about all that,” he said, throwing his hands up.

Support active, engaged campus

Allow me a mulligan, a trip down the rabbit hole of over-serious campus politics for just a second. But first, a disclaimer: Students at The University of Alabama have infinitely more rights and privileges than those who dot the lands of despotic regimes and failed states.