Club Sports

Rugby club to face LSU

Although rugby is not a mainstream American sport, it is well known for being one of the most athletically challenging sports in the world. Just ask Danny Depperschmidt, the treasurer of Alabama’s rugby club. “You need the conditioning of soccer, the leverage skills of wrestling, as well as the physicality of football, and you need to mix all of those together to be successful,” Depperschmidt said. The scoring system of rugby is very similar to the one of American football.

Skeet team moves forward

The University of Alabama shooting team is aiming for more than just clay pigeons this year. The team, which competes with other skeet shooting teams from around the world, has championships in its sights. Tyler Smith was the ?rst place ?nisher in all events at the Junior World championship in San Antonio. Smith and the rest of the team captured the attention of many world professionals, earning a sponsorship from Blaser Shotguns as well as appearances in Shotgun Magazine and Skeet Review Magazine. With national attention, the Shotgun Team hopes to not go unnoticed by students on campus interested in being apart of the new sport.

Bama paintball building a dynasty

Some traditions of excellence will probably never change at the University of Alabama. The football team will always be on a nationally important scale, gymnastics will be a threat to win national titles year in and year out and, of course, there are academics. Alabama paintball has been slowly climbing its way onto that list. Alabama’s club paintball team made the trip to Central Florida Paintball in Lakeland, Fla., from April 15-17 and finished 11th in the National Collegiate Paintball Association championship tournament. The team has only been together for two months. “The seven guys that we brought with us, we had only been playing together for about two months,” said club treasurer John Moncrief, a sophomore majoring in criminal justice.

Paintball returns to Capstone

The newly reinvented paintball club is looking forward to its one and only tournament this season at the National Collegiate Paintball Association National Championships. Club President Cory Smith said he re-founded the club last semester because he wanted to get people interested in the sport again.