Suspect arrested in student death case

A story of heroin trafficking that has seen the death of two Tuscaloosa men, including a University of Alabama student and a law enforcement sweep of North Alabama, is reaching its final chapter with the April arrest of Patropius Foster.

Why is no one laughing?

With UA’s new musical “City of Angels,” I had a mystery on my hands. Sure, its 1940s Noir parody had a convoluted detective story, but this mystery didn’t involve a millionaire’s missing daughter or blackmailing mobsters – it was the case of who killed the audience. Don’t get me wrong, “Angels,” the department’s second musical farce in a row, is funny.

City council amends code for alcohol sales

Tuesday night, the Tuscaloosa city council unanimously decided to amend the section of the Tuscaloosa city code to provide for the sale of alcohol on Sunday. The council did not place any restrictions on what locations can sell alcohol on Sundays, meaning every business that can sell alcohol on any other day can sell alcohol between noon and 9:30 p.m.