Moundville graffitied by Auburn man

Park employees of Moundville Archaeological Park told the police that someone used a knife to scratch Xs over Alabama logos that are on soap dispensers in the park– an act which is considered misdemeanor criminal mischief. According to authorities, this was likely the doing of a disgruntled 
Auburn fan.

State legislature to consider bathroom bill

Following the lead of North Carolina, State Sen. Phil Williams wants to pass a "bathroom law" in Alabama. The Alabama Privacy Act will be introduced into the state senate before the end of the month and states that public bathrooms must either be reserved for one gender, or the bathroom must be open to all genders provided there is an attendant present.

Yale University to rename Calhoun College

Following student, faculty and staff protests as well as years of debate among university leadership, Yale University announced on Saturday that they would change the name of Calhoun College, an undergraduate residence college named for Yale alumnus, politician and slavery proponent John C.