Body Image

Not a small problem

Alex Golden, a sophomore elementary education major, has to special order jeans because she’s so tall. “It’s one of my biggest problems,” she said. “Jeans are too short, dresses are too short, shirts are too short. If I get them bigger, then they’re too big. It’s really frustrating.”

Don't put healthy living on the backburner

There are so many tasks on a college student’s to do list that it’s overwhelming. Who actually has time to go hit the gym? College is so expensive. Who is really going to buy all of those healthy foods? Staying healthy should be a goal students work on daily, and Brittney Vigna, an assistant director of the Department of Health Promotion and Wellness and a co-advisor for Gamma and Project Health, is a definite believer in that.

The false reality of Photoshopping bodies in magazines

Brandon Hooks was once excited to buy new items for his wardrobe. But at the store, surrounded by perfect-looking photos of models, his enthusiasm fell. The senior majoring in finance said he started scrutinizing the way he looked in everything he tried on, comparing himself to the retouched images in the advertisements.

How social media affects body image

Obsessing over editing photos can be easy with all the applications now available. Some social media editing programs claim that they can do anything from clearing blemishes to whitening teeth to shaving off a few pounds, all in the name of that perfect Instagram. For some users, a body image problem exists when filtered Instagram feeds become reality in some students.